Guayaquil, Ecuador

After a week of being beach bums we realized that was the longest we’d stayed in one place for some time. So we knew it was time to head on again. This time to Ecuador. We took a bus into the beautiful city of Guayaquil. Although we really only had one day here, we were struck by its charm. It was clean, well-kept and we spent the day walking along the enormouse boardwalk area that was full of pristine green spaces, restaurants and play areas. The architecture was well planned with a strong nautical theme, which was implemented in an excellent fashion.

We heard that Guayaquil once had been more of a troubled city, but in the past number of years they have cleaned it up, making it a great destination along the water in Ecuador.



4 thoughts on “Guayaquil, Ecuador

  1. This is beautiful. We spent three weeks in in Ecuador, two near Puyo and one in Quito. We enjoyed our time there. I think it is so wise that you are taking your time to end your Peace Corps term and before you re-enter the US. You will always remember your adventures. Thanks for sharing them.

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