Mancora, Peru

After our jungle expeditions we thought it was time to relax on a beach and get some book reading and surf watching done. So we headed up to Mancora, Peru to do just that. It was a great little beach town with loads of little coffee shops and delicious restaurants. We soaked up the life of official beach bums for a full week before moving on.



5 thoughts on “Mancora, Peru

  1. You remind us of our return from Africa, taking 6 weeks & each carrying one light bag. What carefree fun. I remember the week we spent in Mombasa, Kenya on the Indian Ocean. So many memories & fun experiences. Now, at 87 & 89 we still try to keep young @ heart. Last week we drove to Terry, Montana to visit the place on the Yellowstone River where Dale spent his CPS days building pumping stations 70 years ago! A check off the bucket list. Stop to see us if you cross Kansas….a bed in the basement. Have fun! Love you, Lucile

  2. Love reading your updates about the journey back to the States. Crossing my fingers you are stopping in San Antonio! 🙂

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