Entrepreneurship Workshop

We are officially Returned Peace Corps Volunteers as we’ve already finished up our two years in Paraguay. However, in the flash of packing up and saying goodbyes, we have a couple events to document. You know we need it all in here so when we’re old and grey we can look back and try to remember just what all went down in the P-guay.


One such event was this year’s Paraguay Emprende national workshop. Isaiah, Elva, and I taught the 15-week course on how to plan a business and write a business plan for the second year in a row. At our local presentation, we selected one student with the most viable business plan to attend the national workshop with other youth from across the country who had taken the same course with their local volunteer.


From our course, Day was selected with her business plan to amp up the small business her mom and her already run of creating and printing t-shirts and uniforms for local schools and offices. For you Iowans, maybe they’re the local version of Imprinted Sports.




Since I was still having a blast at Camp GLOW (and there’s always so many events over the schools’ two-week winter break), Isaiah and Day attended the event without me. It was sad to miss, especially when I heard that Day’s presentation went super well and at the end of the 3-day workshop, she was even awarded a trophy for Best Written Business Plan! What an honor among 20-some of the other top students from across the country.



It was a great event that is gaining more support and momentum and involvement with awesome Paraguayan organizations with networks and influence. I can’t wait to see where Paraguay Emprende goes next!


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