How Peace Corps Volunteers Readjust to U.S.A.

In honor of our original Peace Corps training group (G-39!) having our Swearing Out ceremony this afternoon to officially end our run as Peace Corps volunteers in Paraguay, I wanted to reflect a bit on the transition we face in heading back to the States.

We hear this transition home can be tricky; even as difficult as the adjustment to a new culture in the first place. Therefore I was relieved when we came across the World’s Most Amazing Video the other day. It’s full of awesome tips of how to re-adjust to life in the U.S. The actors seem to truly understand all the strange habits we’ve picked up here in Paraguay and how those might not be seen as “okay” when we’re back Stateside.

Since this short video has helped us so much, I wanted to share it here for any Peace Corps volunteers completing their service now or soon, or any others who find yourselves in the U.S. of A after a time away.

I hope this wonderful video will help your readjustment too.


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