Break at the Bridge

In the midst of packing the house and spending time and saying goodbye to friends, Isaiah and I hit the dusty trails Tuesday. We’d biked out to the little town outside of ours, named Estación, which means station, since it’s the home of the old train station that’s no longer operable, once with Elva toward the beginning of our time, and Isaiah went once when Nick was visiting. This time we ditched the bikes and set out on foot. Partly to soak up the beautiful day and have some down time away from all the hustle of preparations, and a huge part because Isaiah’s bike pedal broke off and we don’t have the tools to fix it.

The deserted building that was once the train station is still there and so is a beautiful iron bridge that brings our town pride. Signs say it’s around 8 km to the town of Estación and then a couple more to the bridge where we stopped to grab a bite we had packed and snap some photos.

It was a great chance to eat up another piece of our lovely town while we can and recharge our batteries for the big transition that is to come.

Now the only question is, who posed with it best? Send in your votes for the next Yuty billboard model!

Option #1:

Walk to the bridge, Yuty Paraguay

Option #2:

Walk to the bridge, Yuty Paraguay

Option #3:

Walk to the bridge, Yuty Paraguay


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