A Time To Uproot

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” -Eccles. 3

Friday morning the moving truck will arrive and haul away our belongings. After a bumpy journey, they’ll be delivered on the doorstep of a fresh, lovely, new couple who are just embarking on their two-year Peace Corps experience. So we are packing. Making piles. Donating. Throwing out.

Close of Service Peace Corps Paraguay - Packing

This is so my cup of tea. I love cleaning out and packing. It brings such satisfaction to physically see the progress. Where once a cupboard was stuffed full of Stuff, it is now empty and clean, its contents gently tucked away in a box. It’s a fresh start. It’s the idea of the Next Great Thing.

Sure, I can get sentimental and nostalgic with the best of them. I can wax poetic on the red dirt that’s stained my shoes for the last 730 days. I can tear up at the hoard of smiley kids in worn, mismatched clothes that runs to me with hugs at the ready every time I show up at the soup kitchen. How about when the bus driver passed me his thermos and guampa and I served tereré to a content little group of strangers-turned-friends on my bus? Yep, that was heart-warming and I doubt I’ll see a repeat performance once I’m back in the States.

Close of Service Peace Corps Paraguay - Packing

At the same time as all that is true, I stand at the frontera of my future. A future I’m quite thrilled about. I know that things are just things (a far cry from my childhood self who spent worrisome hour upon hour choosing the one stuffed animal to pack for vacation, only to end the struggle by having all but one fluffy friend tell me they’d really prefer to stay home anyway. Phew, no hurt feelings!) and a house is a house and a town is a town. We have thousands of photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Close of Service Peace Corps Paraguay - Packing

Best of all, my very most favorite part of my time in Paraguay is not something I have to leave behind. Isaiah is packing up too and together we’re preparing for whatever lies ahead.

Close of Service Peace Corps Paraguay - Isaiah Packing

Perhaps I’m just in a good place as I type this today and the crash of emotions will come whenever it sinks in that this is real. This big, important, life-altering experience that we anticipated for years is actually, truly, really done. Complete. Terminado. Over. Or maybe it won’t hit me for months or years. Either way, we’re packing up and gearing up for taking the next step forward. That next little step forward is all any of us can really do anyway, so it’s a great place to start.


10 thoughts on “A Time To Uproot

  1. Great job—great reporting—-welcome home to more “bumps” as you “reenter”. We are anxious to see you. love Luke&Verna

  2. We’ve enjoyed following your exploits and photos during the past two years!

    Best wishes wherever you end up.

  3. Dear Allison and Isaiah,
    Blessings as you move forward! I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely! And will be praying that you find your next home without too much ado. Love you both. Hoping to see you soon,

    • We’re leaving up the wires, but we’ve already taken down all the cards. Most likely they’ll just wonder why there are rows of wires across their wall. Ha!

  4. I will miss your wonderful stories and pictures that have filled my inbox these past two years. It’s really been that long??? Thanks for letting us “experience” a bit of your world. We were blessed by it. H&M

  5. Kiddos–seems not long ago at all that you were excitedly planning and packing for Paraguay. Love and prayers as you journey on.

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