Birthdays Galore

We like celebrating and in an effort to soak up as many experiences as we can during the little time we have left in Paraguay, we’ve been packing it in. Some of those celebrations are due to birthdays. Yay! I love birthdays.

First, was our fellow volunteer’s birthday in a town a few hours south of us. With Aleks and friends we cooked an absolutely delicious chicken curry dish, although there were some friendly debates between the Americans and the Paraguayans about how big the veggies should be diced. (Hint: many Paraguayans seem to feel more comfortable not actually seeing the veggies in their meals.) We all came to a compromise and the meal was spectacular followed by a fire-breathing cake.

Aleks birthday in Encarn

Aleks birthday in Encarn

And since too many desserts is never a problem, we ended the night roasting marshmallows over the fireplace. Kelly liked hers burnt.

Aleks birthday in Encarn - Kelly roasting marshmallows

The rest of us tried to be more patient.

Aleks birthday in Encarn - roasting marshmallows

Less than a week later we were on the birthday train again, this time celebrating our friend Igor’s birthday in our own town.

Igor's birthday party

He did it up right with a big and tasty asado or BBQ. Beef ribs and loin, yucca, rice salad and sopa paraguaya, a savory cornbread, were on the menu of the evening.

Igor's birthday party - Igor and Sanny

His sweet wife baked him a chocolate cake and my heart felt full as we belted out Happy Birthday in Spanish to the accompaniment to his friend on the guitar.

Igor's birthday party

Today marks exactly one month until we leave Paraguay. Besides attending a youth camp, a business plan national workshop, Isaiah playing editor-in-chief for his last edition of the volunteer magazine, and a few other odds and ends, we did our best to already wrap up most of our official projects.

Igor's birthday party

This hopefully gives us time to spend celebrating the special moments and the everyday ones with those we’ve met through this Peace Corps experience – both American and Paraguayan alike.


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