Maps for the Future

Life in Paraguay is wet. The rains keep coming, although the flooding is happening in other parts of the country than where we live.

However, I feel very sunny when I look at the master spreadsheet I made with a tab for all our open projects and what needs to get done before we take off. It feels good, not because things are zooming to an end, but rather because it’s organized, there is a plan (get done with stuff), and I love spreadsheets. Especially color-coded ones like this one. (My tasks are yellow, Isaiah’s are blue.)

One project we’ve been chipping away at is the world map we and our youth group painted on the side of the soup kitchen. It actually started with the other volunteer who used to live in our town way back at the end of last year. But no matter how many months it lasted, or how many long breaks there were between work days, the map is traced, painted, and labeled. It’s done!

World Map Project Done

Now we just need to print off the above photo the next time we’re in Asunción to include with some thank you notes for all the businesses who donated paint and other items that made the project a reality.

Another item that got crossed off the list is our English tutoring class. For the past three months we’ve tutored three kids twice a week in English. We tried to keep it hands-on and interesting like with numbers bingo – complete with colorful bottle caps and a random number generator (and saver – to check answers at the end) that Isaiah quickly programmed for the purpose. I like being married to a handsome tech man.

English students Bingo

Wednesday was our last lesson, so we served chocolate chip cookie bars and presented the students with certificates for their dedication and hard work.

English students with certificates

Isaiah also finished up some 1-on-1 tutoring he was doing with a young man in town with a family business who wanted to learn about network security, and then programming, and then web design. Isaiah was a great teacher, providing his student with resources and acting as a guide in his quest to conquer the world of informática. In the end, the student was able to create a basic structure for a website for the family business, and sure seemed happy to to be in Isaiah’s presence for all those months.

We will miss working on some of these projects, but realize that there is a time for everything. We realize, accept, and even delight in this current “season” of Peace Corps work where we are handing things off and seeing how they fly on their own.


6 thoughts on “Maps for the Future

  1. So wonderful to see photos of the projects and people you have worked together with. Also glad you are basking in the fruits of your labor!

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