The Old And The New

Yuty isn’t exactly on the way to much of anything, so when we get visitors it is a super special event. A few weekends ago we were tickled silly to host Tim and Sarah, fellow Peace Corps volunteers and friends. They are so amazing because this is their second visit to us in Yuty.

Tim and Sarah Visit Yuty

Tim, who should live about 4 hours north of us couldn’t get down the dirt road that connects us because of rain. Instead of giving up, he traveled 14 hours in order to get to our house from the longer, more roundabout and expensive but hard-surfaced road. Qué guapo! Seriously, what a trooper.

Tim and Sarah Visit Yuty

The weekend was amazing. We reflected on our experience these past two years, ate tons of delicious food, played games non-stop, and even put together quite a lovely video, which you will have the pleasure of seeing when it’s all spit-shined and edited up.

Then our next set of visitors was a married couple who are just beginning their Peace Corps journey, Genny and Stephen. I was assigned as Genny’s mentor so we had done a little emailing and Q&A before they left the States. I was happy to meet her in person and get to know them both.

Genny and Stephen Visit

Genny and Stephen Visit

They had been in Paraguay just a couple of weeks at the time of their visit. They are funny, intelligent, and equipped and ready for the ride that is Peace Corps service. They were a joy to meet and jumped right into all our activities – business class final presentations, reading at the soup kitchen, English tutoring, a cancelled computer class since no one showed up with the key…you know, the normal stuff.

Genny and Stephen Visit

Additionally, it was fun for Isaiah and I to think back on our time as trainees when those big two years lay before us. Showing them around our town and introducing them to our contacts here had us seeing our regular every day life with slightly new and refreshed eyes. It should be the perfect energy to take us through our final stretch of life in Paraguay.



6 thoughts on “The Old And The New

  1. The long bus ride was worth every minute spent with you guys drinking pomelo juice, playing board games, eating monster cookies, and enjoying Yuty with you all!!! Thanks for being great friends!

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