Make it Rain: Lluvia’s 2nd Birthday

If you’ve been following our blog closely for quite a while, you may remember our post about our friends’ daughter’s first birthday party. Another year has passed quickly for us here, and just recently we celebrated Lluvia’s second birthday. We’ve been told that typically it’s just the 1st and 15th birthday parties that are done in grand style. But, as Lluvia was too young to remember much of anything from her first birthday, her parents decided to throw another spectacular shindig in celebration of her second year of life.

Lluvia's Birthday

Last year we got to help make several of the desserts for her birthday. This year we not only got to work on the desserts and table decorations, but we put together hamburgers in Henry Ford-inspired fashion right before the party was to start as well. I also got to be the official birthday photographer, which was a nice change of pace as I was no longer bound to my seat and could wander about the party as freely as the kids. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t allowed inside the bouncy castle.

Lluvia is such a fun and funny kid. Sometimes she acts very shyly around us and at other times, especially more recently, she’s a little chatterbox constantly seeking our attention and wanting us to play with her. The day of her birthday party was a mix of excitement at having a bunch of kids to play with and the annoyance of constantly having to stop what she was doing for another photo op with the party attendees. Not having her usual nap that morning did nothing to help her patience levels, but all-in-all she handled her increased celebrity pretty well.

It’s wild to think how we’ve been in Paraguay long enough to have celebrated every single one of Lluvia’s birthdays with her (well, all two of them). At the same time it also reminds me of all of the birthdays that I’ve missed back home, especially when it comes to nieces and nephews and a special 90th birthday as well. We feel fortunate to have had this opportunity here in Paraguay, to have had the chance to get to know people like Lluvia and her parents and grandparents, but I am also very much looking forward to when I’ll be able to celebrate these big events with my own family once again.



7 thoughts on “Make it Rain: Lluvia’s 2nd Birthday

  1. We have enjoyed seeing all of the great friends and experiences you have had but are definitely looking forward to having the Isaison/Allsaiah duo back State-side!

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