Shoe Repair Man

Every time Isaiah’s trusty blue sandals break, he says it’ll be the last time he bothers to repair them before breaking down and getting a new pair. He says this every time. Yet, out come the tools. Every time.

Isaiah the shoe repair man

They’re still going strong.

Just one of the many characteristics I like about this guy.


8 thoughts on “Shoe Repair Man

  1. We missed Isaiah playing Super Mario in Colorado… Not sure if that is related to sandals, but just thought I’d say it.

  2. Indeed – Hanky had many admirable qualities. Not to negate everything that Allison just said about repairing your sandles, but let us know if you need us to bring you some Chacos when we come!

    • Thanks Guy. I do have a pair of chacos here (10 years old and counting!). It’s my “house slippers” that I’ve been fixing.

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