Paraguayan Independence Day 2014

May 14 was the day to celebrate Paraguay gaining independence from Spain in 1811. It was a clear, sunny day for the town to gather in the main plaza for a short cultural show and then along the main street for its annual parade.

Independence Day in Paraguay falls just one day before Mother’s Day, so many of the adorable little school children carried signs expressing their love and thanks to their mamas.

Much of the parade is made up of all the different educational institutions in our town, followed by the local soccer clubs. It was fun to run into friends and see many former or current students participating or watching, and feel a part of this small town we’ve called home for nearly two years.


2 thoughts on “Paraguayan Independence Day 2014

  1. I love to see all the colorful sights of your little town of Yuty! And of course, I imagine that I walked down a lot of those same streets!

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