Teaching Business Skills (& a Special Guest)

Every Tuesday and Friday you can find us in our local cooperative, facilitating discussions on fixed versus variable expenses, how to know if your business idea is a good one, and where in the world you might find the money to truly begin the entrepreneurial journey.

CTS Entrepreneurship class

It’s a class put together by Peace Corps volunteers working with the Paraguay Emprende program, and called Construye Tus Sueños (Build Your Dreams.) Similar classes can be found in other Peace Corps posts across the globe.

CTS Entrepreneurship class

We have around 15 students regularly attending and are thrilled to be co-teaching this course with our good friend, Elva. One class we even made guacamole since avocados are in season. Usually Paraguayans eat avocados with milk and sugar, so guacamole is a whole different thing.

Making guacamole with CTS class

They were good sports and everyone tried it and many even really liked it! (Even if they were a bit camera-shy.)

Yesterday, however, we had an extra special guest among us. Can you spot her?

CTS Entrepreneurship class

Isaiah’s mom is here visiting! It is wonderful! (And not just because she brought us coffee and chocolate.) She arrived on Wednesday and we’ve been showing her the sights and sounds – and tastes – of Paraguay ever since.

Alice visits Paraguay - with coffee

She’s able to see us interact with our community and friends here and has already been served up many little opportunities to flex that “go with the flow” muscle as plans or details have fallen through, twisted, and changed. Such is life in Paraguay. Or anywhere, really. Here we seem able to get over the idea that we’re in control a little faster than we did in the US of A, though.

Isaiah and Alice

Like her son, Alice knows how to stay light on her feet and keep her spirits high. We can’t wait to spend more time with her and show her more of our beloved Paraguay.


5 thoughts on “Teaching Business Skills (& a Special Guest)

  1. Wonderful, you’re looking good, Alice. Glad you can “check up” on those lively, lovely youngsters. Blessings all around.

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