The Dangers of Granola

It began as any typical weekday. I was in the living room working on the computer and Allison was, well, doing whatever she was doing. Before too long though, I heard a shout of, “Hey! Get outta here!” I paused and looked towards the direction of the commotion. “Ughhhhh!” came another cry.

Allison was in trouble, and I was now on the alert. Before I finished what I was doing so that I could go investigate another “Seriously!?? Leave me alone!” erupted from down the hall. Alright, finishing reading the article could wait. I needed to go see what was happening in the kitchen. What I encountered was a terrifying scene.

Bee Attack

Allison was shooing away about a dozen bees that had decided to invade the kitchen amidst her making some delicious, honey-infused granola. She swung her wooden spoon wildly as bees alighted upon the granola-filled trays and cooking utensils. I didn’t want any of that situation and, besides, Allison was already a goner. I turned to leave but a pang in my chest forced me to remain and do what I could to save her…and the granola.

Using my extraordinary clever wit, I snagged the emptied trays (emptied of granola, not of bees) and put them on the back patio while Allison powered on a fan to blow the bees out the door. Within minutes order was restored to the kitchen and, except for a couple of stragglers who couldn’t figure out that there was no passing through a (quite dirty) glass window, we were safe from bees once again.

Bees on Window

But you know, that’s just the way that life is lived down here in Paraguay. Things are a bit wilder, a little less safe, and filled with fun and excitement when looked at in the right light!

Anyone else have some dramatic animal/bug stories they’d like to share?


6 thoughts on “The Dangers of Granola

  1. I think that Zedo’s flying leap from 20 feet overhead is right up there with wild animal stories.

    Son, shall I compliment you on your courage to stay around and help Allison out?!

    • That’s what I’ve been screaming for years! And have they listened to me? Oh, no. They say incendiary devices are a detriment to community integration. I say phooey to that!

  2. Whew! This looks like it could have been bad. Glad you were so swift and brave and had your priorities straight to save that granola…err Aliison!!

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