PCTV Casas: Video Tour Of Our Home

Wow. We are flattered and excited to finally tell you guys that PCTV (Peace Corps Television) selected our house to tour and film. PCTV Casas is a spinoff of the popular MTV Cribs show that features house tours of the rich and famous. Did I say wow?

The PCTV crew came with their cameras and mic booms and Isaiah, in his typical debonair fashion, took them on a tour through our house. He’s a natural in front of the camera. I’m so proud.

Although the episode hasn’t yet aired, we’ve got the hook up for you today. Here’s a little of what’s in store:

  • Our never-before-seen library
  • What we do with our fan letters from around the world
  • The deluxe features of our fully equipped kitchen
  • Isaiah’s genius bathroom invention
  • Some of the advanced security features of the house

But don’t take my word for it. Have a watch.

There you have it. Our casa. What was your favorite part of the house? Any other Peace Corps volunteers getting filmed by this amazing PCTV Casas crew? If so, be sure to share a link to your pad below! There’s nothing I love more than house snooping from the safety of my computer.

Speaking of snooping, have you seen our other video house tours? Don’t be shy. Go on and check ’em out.

Video Tour of Apartment in Fanore, Ireland

Apartment in Fanore, Ireland

1st Peace Corps Apartment


17 thoughts on “PCTV Casas: Video Tour Of Our Home

    • We will have thoroughly erased all digital remnants of this before they’re old enough to use a computer…you know, it could be confusing to see their parents living in the lap of luxury as compared to their current squaller.

  1. Oh Mr. Cheeks, that was delightful! Where’d you get the music? It’s the bomb! But I think Barts of Canada would have been a great addition to the music lineup. Don’t you agree?

    • Some dude put up a bunch of phat tracks on the Internets for free use, yo! I think at the end of the vid we mention who been laying down them funky beats. Barts of Canada though, I think that was an unholy fusion that should be flushed from this world to the sewers of the netherworld.

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