DIY Solution For Air Purification

How to avoid breathing toxic air

Do you feel lost at what to do when your town burns trash and your nose throat tells you that plastic is on the burning menu of choice, but it’s too hot to close up the windows? Why these simple DIY personal air filters are a quick and easy solution to avoid breathing the pungent air, of course! They’re quite a fashion statement, to boot. Choose a design to coordinate with your outfit or to suit any mood.

This has been a sneak peek into the Real Volunteers of Paraguay. Broadcasting on a blog near you each Tuesday and Friday.


4 thoughts on “DIY Solution For Air Purification

  1. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves about the community where we live in and serve is the burning trash. It’s something I wish we could change culturally here but also understand the complex nature of the problem. As I cough through those days I keep saying out loud, “there’s got to be a better way!”.

    • Yes, the problem here is there’s just nothing to do with all the glass and plastic. (Although we try to make crafts with it but can’t keep up with the supply!) I’m guessing that’s similar for you? Until that recycling center comes, break out the handkerchiefs!

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