The Big Three-O

Unlike Isaiah’s April 1 post last year, this one is no joke. I really turned 3 decades old yesterday!

Allison's 30th Birthday - with Lluvia

Can you believe it? I used to think 30-year-olds were, well, old! I feel so young and wild and free. I feel like same ol’ me. I remember mentioning that to my grandma and her sister when I turned 25. They giggled and said, “Well we still feel like our same ol’ selves too!”

To celebrate, Isaiah got on his sneaky pants and secretly invited a few volunteers to our place last weekend. I knew not of these plans, but I was suspiciously aware he was receiving more phone calls and text messages than normal. I tried not to ask too many questions!

Allison 30th Birthday - Sanny and Lluvia

Unfortunately, the rain in Spain, er Paraguay, is a game changer and change the game it did. It was a very rainy weekend and since long dirt roads connect our town with the two towns from where the volunteers were coming, the buses didn’t run those routes so neither couple could make the trip.

Even so, it impressed me that Isaiah arranged everything and flattered me that our friends were willing to travel all the way down here. They’re taking a literally rain check on their visit.

It’s good to have local friends too. On Sunday Isaiah invited Sanny and Igor, friends from our town, over for lunch and made us homemade french fries and chicken strips — a childhood favorite I suggested would be delicious, halfway in jest as we’ve never made those things at home before. But he figured out how to do it and we had a delicious lunch and fun with Igor and Sanny and their daughter, Lluvia.

Allison 30th Birthday - Isaiah making fries

Allison 30th Birthday - Lluvia

Allison 30th Birthday - Igor

Yesterday, on my birthday, we went to the soup kitchen (like we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) where the cooks made empanadas for everyone – a food that takes a lot of prep that they only make for special occasions. And Isaiah and I had baked two cakes — using Aunt Marilyn’s chocolate cake recipe that has proven time and time again to be a huge hit here! — to share with all the kids. They sang “Happy Birthday” to me in Spanish, Guarani, and then (sort of) in English. All very cute.

Allison 30th Birthday - Comedor Staff

Allison 30th Birthday - Comedor Sings

Allison 30th Birthday - Comedor

Birthdays are fun as friends and family go out of their way to remind you they like you, which just leaves a person feeling good. Thank you for your part in making my big 3-0 a special day. I have a feeling this decade is going to be one of the greatest! What do you think about the 30s? What are your memories of that time? Are you a young whipper snapper and that still sounds super old to you? If you’re in that decade right now, hooray! Let’s celebrate and make the most of it!


One thought on “The Big Three-O

  1. Sounds like you had a terrific day–wonderful! It is true, as I age I am still me and gratef.ul for life. Happy Birthday, Alison

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