Visitors To Yuty

It thrilled Isaiah and I to learn that our friend Nalena’s parents and sister accepted our invitation to add Yuty to their itinerary during their time in Paraguay. It was obvious what a warm and fun family this was, even in the short time we spent together.

Nalena's family comes to visit Yuty!

We shared stories, laughter, and Aunt Marilyn’s Chocolate Cake as a birthday treat in honor of Jon’s recently completed special day. From Yuty the gang headed up the bumpy dirt road to Villarrica, home to Jon and Nalena, and Isaiah and I completed our last-minute preparations before heading out on a trip of our own: to the USA!

We’ll be back next week to share the glorious details of returning to our motherland, hanging out with our own mothers (and more), and meeting some lovable babies for the first time. Happy weekend!


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