Did You Know?

In a semi-recent email from my grandma (yeah, she’s impressive), I received a bunch of fun questions about day-to-day things of how we live. I realize that I usually write about a topic or recap an event or activity, so today I’m going to share my responses to some of my grandma’s questions. Plus I added a few more. I hope it helps paint a picture of our normal little life here in Paraguay.

Did you know…?

…that we throw our toilet paper in the wastebasket and never down the toilet? The system just isn’t designed to handle it.

…that most but not all households have one TV, but we don’t have any? We can watch shows or movies on our laptop, though, so we still get our couch-sitting in.

…there are refrigerators and deep freezers here? We own a refrigerator and it has the little freezer box inside the one refrigerator door, just like the good old days.

our refrigerator

…that to get world news we have to go looking for it on the internet? Isaiah does this, but I tend to follow a low-information diet.

…that the most popular mode of mass communication is through the radio? There are two local radio stations and one or the other is nearly always playing in most houses. We don’t listen to it in our house and instead just collect the best gossip from the neighbors, but do use the radio to promote our classes.

…that we sleep under a mosquito net each and every night?

our mosquito net bed

…that we have no air conditioner and on hot and humid nights it can be difficult to sleep, although we do have a fan. Though it gives us something to complain about with the neighborhood, which is exactly the beauty of Peace Corps. Living with and like the people.

…that there are newspapers here, but we don’t get one? Most come from Asunción and much of it is Paraguayan news, with a few international articles.

…that we cook on a little camping stove and own just one stock pot and one frying pan? As my dad says about pairs of shoes, that’s all we can use at one time anyway.

our camping stove

…that we usually cut our lawn with a machete? Every once in a while when we’re feeling particularly hot or lazy or fancy, we’ll hire someone with a weed whacker to cut it for us. I’ve rarely seen a push lawn mower and never a riding one. No matter the size of the yard, weed whackers or machetes are the way to go.

Isaiah cuts lawn with machete

There you have it. Ten little everyday things about our life as Peace Corps volunteers in small town Paraguay. What other questions might you be curios about?


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