Yuty’s Municipal Building

When we arrived in Yuty back in August 2012, our municipal building looked like this:

Yuty, Paraguay 36

It’s the building that holds the mayor’s office, access to our town’s services, as well as a small library.

Then in September 2013, construction started.

Municipal Building 1

The plan was to modernize as well as add a second story for more offices and a conference room. Each time we passed by, work continued and progress was notable. In October the second level was created.

Municipal Building 2

In November 2013, the basic structure was complete and inside work ensued.

Municipal Building 3

In December, the finishing touches were added. Municipal Building 4

By the end of the year, the building was complete, fresh, and beautiful.

Municipal Building 5

To inaugurate the building, a celebration was held which included a few short speeches as well as traditional dance and music. And, of course, bocaditos or little finger foods were served.

Muni Inaugural Celebration

Muni Inaugural Celebration - Traditional Paraguayan Dance

Muni Inaugural Celebration

The women who work in the muni were there in all their dressed-alike cuteness. Our good friend, Sanny, is the second from the left.

Muni Inaugural Celebration

It’s been fun to witness these changes even in the relatively short amount of time we’ve lived here and to celebrate the progress with our new community.


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