Beat The Heat

As of late, here are our favorite ways to beat the heat that comes along with a Paraguayan summer.

1. Eat watermelon. 

Isaiah cutting watermelon

2. Drink tereré. 


3. Visit the supermarket. 

Yuty, Paraguay 40

They have oh-so-wonderful air conditioning. We often ask if they need us to hang around and stock shelves or something, just so we can stay cool. They’ve yet to take us up on our offer. Instead, we wander the aisles.

4. Go to Patagonia. 

Patagonia - Glacier National Park

We tried that and it worked. We even enjoyed some snow, which is hard to remember now that we’re tickled by continuous sweat running down our bodies. But it’s all good.


7 thoughts on “Beat The Heat

  1. You’re doing a great job of describing your lives. It seems that you have taken your positive attitudes into your work and community. What a blessing for all of you! We look forward to your return!

    • Thanks, Lois! At least when we sit down to write for the blog, we remember to have positive attitudes. Haha. But we’re working to have them in all other times too!

  2. You guys want some of our cold weather for a change? I think I’d trade you… It was 5F when I got up this morning at it’s 17F now.

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