Visitors From 8th Street

Isaiah and I feel very fortunate at all the visitors we’ve had since living in Paraguay. There was the epic visit from some of our very best friends Jen, Lamont, Kate, and Will in Buenos Aires and Paraguay; the visit from college buddy Doug and meeting up with friend and fellow business education major, Liz;  and then the big excitement of hosting my parents and having car-trouble-filled adventures in the Paraguayan Chaco with them.

8th St Visitors - Doug, Sharon, Ben

In November we met up with Ben, who is volunteering for almost a year with an organization in Asunción. He’s a member of our church from Indiana. At the end of the post I wrote about our meet-up, I invited any other 8th Streeters (8th Street is the name of our church because yes, it’s on 8th Street in Goshen, Indiana) to join in on the fun here in Paraguay.

Ben relaxing in the hammock

Doug and Sharon, also members of the church, jumped on that challenge and booked some tickets. Okay, maybe my invitation wasn’t really the catalyst for their trip, but nevertheless it was wonderful to host Ben, Doug, and Sharon as they visited Isaiah and I here in Yuty for a few days.

Sanny y Lluvia

We gave them the walking tour of our town on the incredibly uneven empedrado stone roads. They treated us to lunch in pretty much the only restaurant in town, we enjoyed ice cream at our favorite spot (we’ve done the taste testing), cooked delicious meals together (Sharon is a fabulous cook), laughed, chatted, and caught up on life near and far.

Ben and Allison sorted donated clothes

Coming out from under feet of snow, Paraguay felt pretty hot to our midwestern guests – and it was. Truthfully though, we’ve been having milder hot and humid days here for the past week, so I’d say they lucked out.

Soup Kitchen - Doug reading book

Doug and Sharon have traveled all over the world and their stories are fabulous. It was fun to pick their brains about must-see spots and how they’ve fit both careers and travel into their lives.

Soup Kitchen - handing out donated clothes from 8th St

One of the highlights of their visit for me was going to our children’s soup kitchen together. We played frisbee and read books to the kids before lunch, and after lunch had the honor of passing out used kids’ clothes that friends from the church back home had collected and sent down with Doug and Sharon. It was amazing!

The clothes were adorable and in excellent condition. The children were obviously excited to receive their gift, but they held it together and waited patiently at their seat until it was their turn. Sharon sized them up and did a great job selected something for everyone. I can’t wait to see the children dressed in their new clothes.

Soup Kitchen - handing out donated clothes from 8th St

8th Streeters, thank you! Gracias! What a generous gift that touched so many families here and brightened the days of the children. Thank you for collecting and sending the clothes and shoes!

After a pancake and freshly squeezed orange juice breakfast their last day here, the three of them hopped on a bus headed to Encarnación to continue their travels around Paraguay. We were honored to have the days to connect with some really quality people from our church community and get to know Doug, Sharon, and Ben a little better.

8th St Visitors - breakfast

So who’s next? We’re always happy to have visitors from near or far! Just let us know when a little Yuty action fits in your schedule and we’ll be waiting with open arms.


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