Farmer’s Market

Twice a week, just two blocks from our house, is a charming little farmer’s market. Well, it’s really just a few tables of veggies and goodies that women bring in from the countryside to sell here in town, but I think it is pretty charming in its own way!

The fact that it’s our only chance to find certain speciality items like swiss chard or the very occasional hot chile pepper, makes it a must-stop shop for us. Also for sale are far more common items like onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and whole hogs.

hog for sale at farmer's market

The women know us and know what we like. They happily hold up their bunches of swiss chard when we arrive, proud that their table is stocked with the green stuff.

Each big bunch of leaves is 1,000 guaranies, equal to about $0.20 so we often buy all that they have, to encourage them to continue supplying it as long as they can. They say that most others in town don’t eat it, so it used to not be worth their effort to even harvest and haul it to town. We are doing our best to make it worthwhile.

Here are some of the regular vendors, although this picture was obviously taken a while back as there is no need for a sweatshirt these days.


You typically shouldn’t chose favorites, but Marina is ours. She’s the one standing in the photo below. She doesn’t bring her own products from the countryside, but she does sell veggies from her stand every day, all day – not just on the Tuesday and Friday market mornings. So we visit her often, often having a seat to chat or sip tererĂ©.

Marina's stand at the farmer's market

And color us proud, because Yuty keeps improving. This market area, which sits just to the side of our bus terminal, is getting a facelift.

Fixing up the farmer's market

The mayor ordered the space to be tidied up and extended out, providing more space for customers to buy their goods. The extended roof will provide much-needed shade as well as protection from the rains.

Fixing up the farmer's market

Our little farmer’s market may be small, and a hard rain prevents the ladies from being able to navigate the mud roads into town, but it is friendly and charming and a part of our normal life here in Yuty.


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