Feeling Christmasy

How do two kids from the snowy midwest make it feel like Christmas during a hot and humid Paraguayan summer?

1. Bake cookies

Making monster cookies

We pushed through the added heat of the oven, because in the end we had delightful monster cookies that taste just like Christmas at home. We made a few extra to share and even with a strange and confusing name like “monster,” they have been a huge hit so far!

2. Make an advent calendar

Advent calendar

A spin-off of last year’s advent calendar, this year we’re each using our daily card (pretty remnants of the colorful envelopes your cards have arrived in!) and writing out something specific for which we’re grateful. Come Christmas day, we’ll share all and let the joy abound.

3. Add some glitter and glam

Card wall

We amped our regular card wall up with some jolly Christmas cheer by adding a few poofs of gold sparkle that we saved from last Christmas’ gift basket from our neighborhood cooperative. Waste not, want not, so they say.

What are you doing to invite Christmas cheer into your household this year?

Psst…if you’re interested in spreading some holiday cheer to girls in Paraguay, consider donating $10 to the camp I’m helping to plan. More details here!


6 thoughts on “Feeling Christmasy

  1. What a great way to enter into the spirit of the season! Wishing you Joy as with others around the world you celebrate the birth of the Christ.

    • Thank you, Lois! It is quite bonding to think of people celebrating Jesus’ birth all around the world. It’s fun for us to get a glimpse into the celebrations here in the southern hemisphere. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Remembering 45 years ago, our first Christmas in West Africa…a friend sent us “Child’s Christmas in Wales” with Fritz Eichenberg line drawings. Between illustrations and story descriptions of snow, we were (almost) freezing!

    • Alice, so good to hear your account of a first snowless Christmas! A different perspective for sure. Maybe we need to watch a snow-filled movie or something? Merry Christmas!

  3. I’ve started living in my Colorado house a couple of days ago. This afternoon the family had a Christmas meal and some of us attended the Christmas eve candle service at church. Now we’re waiting for our Christmas dessert of pumpkin pie and whipped cream. After that we’ll watch the 3 kids each choose and open one gift.

    Joe is sitting here on the couch drinking some eggnog and wishes you could have some of this cold weather. Eve is standing here licking the beater after having whipped up the cream. Don’t you wish you were here? Well, so do we.

    Merry Christmas! Love ya. Alice/Ma

    • So good to picture you guys all hanging out and having a good time together – and it was wonderful to Skype in for a bit. Not as good as actually being there, but something to tide us over.

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