I’ll admit I don’t understand exactly how the higher education system works here, but it’s not uncommon for people to go back-to-school in order to receive a new degree.

Graduation - Sonia, Marta, Allison

So when our friend Marta (pictured above), who has already received degrees in law and teaching, invited us to the ceremony to see her receive her accounting degree, we jumped on the chance.


As luck would have it our friend Elva, who also already holds a few upper education titles, was graduating with an additional degree as well.

Graduation - Isaiah, Elva

This meant some of Elva’s awesome family was there too – like her sister, mom, and Elva’s 2-month old son, Nicolas.

Graduation - Elva's family

Graduation - Elva, Nicolas

The ceremony was held in the local church although the university isn’t technically religious. It started off with some nice live guitar music, followed by a lot of praying and reciting things lead by our town’s priest. After that came the certificates. There were three or four different degrees present, each denoted by the color of bow and tassel the students wore.

As each students’ name was called, their family members could go forward to have the honor of handing them their official graduation certificate. I thought that was a neat tradition I hadn’t seen before.


It was fun to be a part of this graduation ceremony of Marta and Elva and many others in our town. And oh yeah, it was pretty fun to hold sweet baby Nicolas too, who has grown since his baby shower.

Graduation - Allison, Nicolas


2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Thanks for sharing this important and interesting celebration with us. Little Nicolas seemed to find the whole experience quite relaxing!

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