Third Anniversary

Last weekend the children’s soup kitchen celebrated its third anniversary and, as is becoming a tradition, we slaughtered a cow and had a grill-out for the kids!


Originally the feast had been planned for Saturday, so when it was changed to the following day we had to politely excuse ourselves from the festivities as the lunch hour arrived to attend Sunday lunch at a former student’s house to which we had so kindly been invited. So we were only able to enjoy (and snag photos of) the pre-lunch fun.



The soup kitchen was started by a very motivated priest and Peace Corps volunteer as well as the commission that formed around it. From what we hear, there had been a lot of cooks and other volunteers at the beginning. As the initial excitement of the new soup kitchen cooled, so dropped the number of volunteers until the two current cooks and the commission were all who remained. Even so, the community as a whole has continued to support its soup kitchen, and it is almost entirely supported by local donations.


The soup kitchen continues to change and grow. This past year saw the addition of a new fridge (purchased by someone listening to our radio marathon in Spain), a new gas range (purchased by a member of the commission), and an additional counter and sink (thanks to the parents of a former volunteer who completed her service last month). In the coming year we hope to find more sustainable means of support to ensure a long future for this wonderful service and mission.


2 thoughts on “Third Anniversary

  1. This soup kitchen is obviously a great community gathering place for the kids. So glad Allison and you have been part of this effort.

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