Closing Time

Like a present, we wrapped up our second personal finance course last week with a fun and interactive group. In earlier classes we chatted about saving money: how, why, where?

Personal Finance Clausura

We compared saving up for something versus taking out a loan or buying on credit.

Personal Finance Clausura

We started this most recent and final class with a review game competition that saw the All-Powerful Ladies  (they chose their own team names) win all the bragging rights.

Personal Finance Clausura

Next we recapped the ideas discussed in the course of positive habits that could be formed, like putting even a tiny bit of money from each paycheck directly into savings before anything else, and each made personal goals.

Personal Finance Clausura

Then it was certificate time. For this course, we had 14 students receive certificates for successful completion.

Personal Finance Clausura

We were pleased the general manager of the cooperative where we taught the class was able to attend, share some words of thanks and encouragement with us and the students, and help us present the certificates. Plus he surprised us all with a year-end goodie bag compliments of the co-op.

Personal Finance Clausura

We wrapped up and shared some fancy mechanical pencils and lead refills (just some of the many fun things my parents left with us after their visit) as a special acknowledgement of the four students who took both of our personal finance courses back-to-back.

Personal Finance Clausura

Personal Finance Clausura

And while cameras were flashing, we didn’t miss the photo opportunity with other cooperative workers: the friendly security guard who usually participates in our classes (while still keeping an eye on things), the manager, and the sweet woman who always has the room cleaned, prepped, and ready or is on hand to make a few extra copies with a smile. We’re so grateful to have such a receptive coop to work with.

Personal Finance Clausura

Isaiah and I both enjoyed teaching these classes and it’s always nice to be a part of the excitement of accomplishment.

Personal Finance Clausura

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s looking like we’ll hang up our teaching hats until next March when we plan to start up again. What are you guys wrapping up before the year end?


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