Thanksgiving 2013

Last year we had an intimate and delicious Thanksgiving at Jon and Nalena’s house in Villarrica. This year we took part in a large, energetic gathering of around 15 of us. What didn’t change, though, was the delicious factor.

Thanksgiving 2014 - Making a fire

Volunteers as well as an incredibly warm and thoroughly interesting couple who are currently couch-surfing around Paraguay, traveled in from all parts of the country to a pretty city up north, home of the lovely Jess. Claps, cheers, and hoots rang out each time a new traveler arrived, sweaty and tired but in good holiday spirits.

Thanksgiving 2014

What a bond we all have. Brought together in this strange and exhilarating experience that is Peace Corps. Surely missing family traditions from back home, but equally energized to enjoy a unique and scrumptious Thanksgiving here in Paraguay with a new kind of family.

Thanksgiving 2014  - group photo

We cooked and snacked and laughed and drank tereré. Everyone prepared a dish or two to share in the Thursday afternoon Thanksgiving feast. And boy was it pleasing to the taste buds!

Thanksgiving 2014 - the feast

We even kicked off the meal by sharing something we are thankful for, which more often than not included this awesome experience we’re in the midst of as well as the plethora of people we’ve met and become friends with because of it.

Thanksgiving 2014

The most delicious pies (thanks to the pros Jon and Nalena) were devoured later that evening along with games and sharing and the thrill of being together.

Thanksgiving 2014 - playing games

There may have even been a little hair braiding, just for good measure.

Thanksgiving 2014 - braiding hair

Oh, and that tasty pie? We had it for breakfast the next morning too.

Thanksgiving 2014 - breakfast

It was a wonderful celebration and so authentically Peace Corps Paraguay. The intertwining of American and Paraguayan traditions, the mix of English and Spanish and Guaraní (and French and Swedish thanks to our new traveling friends), and the ability to roll pie dough with an empty wine bottle instead of a rolling-pin or take turns using the oven or the stove, since they don’t work at the same time, or to draw a little water from the well when the running version went out for a short time – all without flinching – is what made this year something to be truly thankful for.

Thanksgiving 2014 - Allison


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Awww, what a lovely recap! I must also mention all the delicious appetizers we had prior to the big meal. 🙂 For some reason it felt like an eternity for me when the water went out. Actually, it’s now a tradition for the water to go out during Thanksgiving, maybe we’ll have to shut the valves when are back in the states.

    • So true. The appetizers were delicious and just what was needed as we awaited the big meal! Ha, I’m going to call you next year on Thanksgiving to remind you to cut the water. You know, for old time’s sake.

  2. So fun to read and see photos of your Happy Thanksgiving. I was in Ames, Iowa with your big bro. We had duck with all the fixins.

  3. What a fun Thanksgiving you had! Love to hear about it. And on a side note — I hope Alice reads this — Happy Birthday! I don’t know your new address so can’t send a card!!

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