Birthday Bash

Isaiah spent the better part of his 30th birthday recovering from some sort of stomach bug. We took it easy, played some games our friends at 8th Street had sent us, read our Harry Potter book aloud and soaked up all the well-wishes that came in through this blog, snail mail (!), emails, or Facebook. Even though Isaiah felt a little off, he definitely felt the love from all of you. Thank you!

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash - Igor and Isaiah

Isaiah sported his fun t-shirt given by Igor and Sanny at his birthday gathering that we postponed until Saturday night to give his stomach a little more time to rest before diving into the delicious birthday treats I whipped up for the occasion. I was especially thrilled about my little homemade pennants, marking the milestone, hence they get their own photo.

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash - sliders

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash - Sanny and Allison

But dive in we did! A few friends came over and we enjoyed a perfectly cool evening on our back patio, munching on food and playing some corn hole. Everyone was eager to pitch in to help keep our little borrowed grill fanned and going to cook up the shish kabobs.

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash

We even sang Happy Birthday to Isaiah in three different languages, the lucky guy.

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash

Although Igor had trouble keeping ALL those candles lit. Well, actually we had only three candles, each representing 10 years of good living!

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash

Now Isaiah is adjusting to life as a wise old man, and I’m enjoying cracking jokes for the few months I have until I join the 3 decades club.

Isaiah's 30th Birthday Bash - Allison

Do you remember your 30th birthday? Or are you a youngster who still thinks that sounds incredibly old? I’ve seen enough jaws drops on the faces of the kids at the soup kitchen when we tell them our ages to know that 30 doesn’t seem young to everyone!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Bash

  1. So glad Isaiah recovered quickly enough to enjoy his birthday bash – even if it was a day late! Sorry – can’t remember my 30th birthday . . . it was 30 years ago!!

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