Hello Goodbye

Upon returning from a quick trip to Asunción, Isaiah and I hosted an event of opposites. A group gathered in our yard to both welcome our friend’s baby, Nicolas, into the world as well as say goodbye to volunteer Katie who completed her service in Paraguay and is returning to the States.

Guests of honor at Bienvendios/Despedida Party

We shared good food, stories, and words of wisdom for the guests of honor and all delighted in getting our chance to hold tiny baby Nicolas in our arms. I made sure to sneak in a couple of turns!

Allison holding Nicolas

We’re grateful to know Katie (who was part of our very small VAC) and are excited for her as she returns to her family back home.

Bienvendios/Despedida Party

The welcoming and goodbye-ing at the party reminded me of the circle of life. (Where’s Phil Collins when you need him?) No death was involved, thankfully, but the cycle of Peace Corps volunteers coming and going is continuous.

Playing corn hole

The tears shed at the party reminded me that building relationships far surpasses any project I may complete in my time here and gave me energy to march on.

Bienvendios/Despedida Party

Welcome to the world, Baby Nicolas! Best of luck in everything, Katie!


5 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye

  1. Kinda reminds me of the words to an old song I learned in Girl Scouts:

    “Make new friends, but keep the old … one is silver and the other gold.”

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