Music Of The Frogs

At our old house, we’d often walk by a certain grassy area on our way home that was bound to give us front row seats to the music of nature. Specifically, a unique and surprisingly humorous sound that I hadn’t heard before. We weren’t sure what it was at first, but knew we loved it and stopped talking just to listen when the sound rang out.

Friendly neighbor

Later we learned it was a type of frog. Bonus points for anyone who can identify what type of frog, although I’d just have to trust you since I don’t know.

Neighbor kids

We hadn’t heard a lot from these frogs since moving to our new house, until the other day while walking home from our finance class. It stopped me in my tracks and I grabbed my camera to capture the silly sound. Some little neighbor friends even came out to help and (as you’ll hear), I’m not the only one who finds these frogs rather funny.

Turn up your volume, and take a listen:

Have you heard these frogs before? What type are they? We heard that even though they have a big sound, they’re physically pretty tiny.


15 thoughts on “Music Of The Frogs

  1. Great frog sounds but can’t quite pin-point what type they are! šŸ™‚ (As if I would ever know.) The giggling kids made me smile.

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