Pastel de Mandioca

Although the soup kitchen serves lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, there was an unusual buzz of activity yesterday as the cooks (and a generous helper) prepared over 300 pastel de mandioca to sell as a fundraising event. They are like empanadas but the outside crust is made mostly from mandioca, or yucca, instead of flour.

Making pastel de mandioca

To say the ladies worked hard is an understatement. There was much to be done from boiling all the yucca, sifting the corn flour from the meal and making the homemade dough to browning all the meat and seasoning it with veggies and spices and then filling, closing, and frying all the little beauties. Add to that a hot and humid day, and you have a situation that might not seem overly appealing. Nevertheless these women were in high spirits, cooking, rolling, frying away to music and lots of laughter. All to raise money to keep the soup kitchen afloat.

Making pastel de mandioca

Wish I could send you one to taste. I think you’d find them quite delectable. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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