Meet & Eat

Peace Corps volunteers in Paraguay have something called a VAC. Actually, we have many of them. Don’t bother asking me what it stands for because with too many acronyms floating around the Peace Corps world I admitted defeat and stopped trying to keep track. I can, however, tell you what it is.

A VAC is a group of volunteers who live in the same general region. They should get together once a quarter or more to chat about life, projects and even to plan an event together if that strikes their fancy. It’s also a way for Peace Corps to communicate with us, or ask for our discussion and feedback on this or that.

Peace Corps Paraguay Yuty VAC

Many VACs have 15 or 20 or more volunteers in them but little Yuty is just isolated enough that our VAC includes just four volunteers. Two of whom write this blog.

The good news is, bigger isn’t always better and that rings true with our sweet little VAC. With just four people we can enjoy a meal together without much fuss. We have great conversations and the easy chance to get to know each other.

Last week we did just that over a colorful salad and a bowl of spicy chili on our patio. Trevor travels in from his beautiful campo site about an hour away, but Katie lives right in the same town as we do.

Peace Corps Paraguay Yuty VAC

We soaked up the time together along with the chili as Katie’s service comes to an end and she heads back to the US of A in a matter of weeks. Although that will bring our official VAC count down to three, I trust we’ll keep meeting and eating and enjoying life in the P-guay.

Peace Corps friends, what does VAC stand for, anyway?


6 thoughts on “Meet & Eat

  1. I’m going to take a stab at it even though I’m not a Peace Corps person. I’ll guess, Volunteer Area Community. Will happily await the real answer.

    Isaiah, some of your facial expressions crack me up. Oh my …. just have to shake my head and smile.

    • I’m looking forward to learning the correct answer too. And you sure are right about Isaiah and his silly expressions. He knows how to keep things interesting!

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