Money Management

“I’ll see your low expectations and raise you 5,” said Mother Life yesterday when a grand total of six people showed up for our kick-off personal finance class. Cue the band; let’s celebrate!

I am highly aware that six students is still very few, but it was five more than I was expecting so I was stoked. The students who showed even mentioned this and that person who couldn’t make it last night, but are interested in attending in the future. So we’ll see.

The first class went really well. After some riveting introductions of learning each other’s names, we dove right into the grand purpose of the course: improved quality of life through the smart management of money. Everyone was there for slightly different reasons, yet we shared the common goal of getting a handle on our money business so we can enjoy life to its fullest. Who wants to be stressed out and waiting in the looooooong ATM line at the end of the month when everyone here gets paid since last month’s cash has all but vanished? (Pssst – any Peace Corps volunteers want to take our class?)

Personal Finance Class

Isaiah and I participated along with the students, answering the questions about goals for the future and ways we want to improve ourselves. We want to be confident facilitators while remaining relatable. No jumping up on my high horse like I did for a few seconds at the end of the last paragraph.

And with a small class size, we totally nailed that intimate and “safe space” feeling. We left the first session happy that we had passed to our students the excitement of using money, whatever you have, to work for you. Not the other way around. We identified how money is weaved through all areas of life, at least indirectly, so instead of denying that we need to manage it wisely. Now the pressure is on for us to deliver, but it’s the good kind of pressure to have.

For anyone at home wanting an empowering taste of making your money work for you, I highly recommend checking out this amazing money mustache blog. Feisty language warning, but the writer’s message on money and life in general is spun in a fresh, new way and I’m totally hooked obsessed and on board with the idea of putting money in its place so we can get on living the gold star, double rainbowed life we’ve always dreamed of! A huge thanks to Nalena for showing me this blog and therefore changing my life (yup, it’s that good).


2 thoughts on “Money Management

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  2. Congratulations on the good turnout and successful/satisfying personal finance class. And I agree, the Money Mustache blog is really good!

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