Cue The Crickets

Everything was going so smoothly. Isaiah and I decided it was time to teach a personal finance class, so we wrote up a class proposal using a manual we received during our Peace Corps training as a rough guide, and walked into our local cooperative.

There we spoke to the woman in charge of the education component of the cooperative – they are required to offer some type of education options to their members, so you’re right to assume they love seeing us walk through their doors. We presented our idea of having two 4-week courses that could be taken together or separately. The first would focus on spending decisions while the second would focus on savings habits.

Poster for Family Finance course

The overall, big-picture idea that we will weave into all the classes is that learning the tools to smartly manage your money = freedom! That no matter your income level, you can make empowering decisions toward a better life, less stress at the end of the month when bills are due and the paycheck isn’t yet in and more time to do the things you love!

She ran the idea by the manager, who loved it and committed to supporting the class, meaning giving us a room with tables, chairs, and a projector and printing off all the materials we need. We were stoked, exchanged some high-fives and made a comment or two about how easy this all is before beginning the process of fleshing out the first class, which is tonight. Starts in 90 minutes, actually.

We finalized our materials and strolled confidently to the co-op this afternoon to print them off and make the copies. Which is when we learned that a whooping one person has signed up for the course. Cue the “wah-wah” from the trombone section.

Isaiah ready for first family finance course

This is the real deal, folks. Life as a Peace Corps volunteer. Now after this big (small?) discovery of limited students we admitted to each other, with heads hung, that it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to check in on the registration process before today. Noted. Also, we did trust the cooperative to do all the advertising for us besides passing the word to our local acquaintances. In hindsight we could have taken the bull more by the horn in that area as well, but they’ve come through for our past classes and besides, we were too busy high-fiving about how easy it was to pull together.

We’re still wearing smiles (they’re now just a little less cheeky and a little more sheepish) and willing to see what happens. Maybe the room will be packed with interested students who just hadn’t gotten around to registering yet. Or perhaps this week we’ll hear crickets (cockroaches?) but by class next week students will be knocking down the fancy glass co-op doors. Jahechata. (We’ll see.)

Down to 40 minutes. I best go get my teacher-face on.

Update: see how the first class went. (Hint: better than expected.)


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