Paint The World: Part One

This is the view of our beloved soup kitchen from the street.

Paint the World: Wall Before

We all agreed that wall could use a happy splash of color. And with the travel project we’re doing with the kids, what better image to paint than a world map?

Katie, the other volunteer in our site, headed up the project so Isaiah and I join in to help on the fun parts. We also have the help of the youth group, Jovy (pronounced Ho-vee), which stands for Youth Volunteers of Yuty in Spanish. It’s the group that formed after we took them to the JoPa leadership camp in January.

Paint the World

The first step of the project was to walk around town a couple of days ago, politely asking the many hardware stores if they’d like to donate supplies for this community project. Most of them were very generous and immediately handed over cans of paint, brushes and sand paper while wishing us luck on the project.

Paint the World: Seeking Donations

We tackled the second step of the project this morning. There’s no school or work as today is the day our town was founded – 402 years ago! (We’re proud to live in one of the oldest towns in the country!) We gathered at the soup kitchen and used the sand paper to clean off a good part of the wall; our canvas for the map.

Paint the World: Sanding Wall

Then we measured out a huge rectangle, applied painter’s tape, and filled it in with a pretty blue color that we mixed up from the donated paint. This makes our oceanic background.

Paint the World: Mixing Paint

Isaiah was a big help as supervisor. Somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Paint the World: Isaiah Supervising

But eventually he jumped in and did some painting too.

Paint the World: Painting Ocean

Already it’s looking much cheerier and we know the kids will be excited to see the beginning stage of this change when they arrive for lunch tomorrow.

Paint the World: Wall After Stage 1

Not to mention it was a beautiful day and we had fun painting!

Paint the World: Blue Rectangle Ocean

The next step will be to use a projector to shine the outline of a world map on the wall, trace it with pencil and eventually fill in all the countries with colorful paint. You know I’ll keep you updated as we continue painting the world! Have a great weekend, everyone.


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