Backyard Fun & Games

You USA folks are entering my favorite season: fall. I love the crisp weather, watching the green leaves turn a brilliant red or orange and I love cookouts. To me cookouts are a good spread of food, good people and some good fun. Often in the form of yard games. Bring out some croquet, a football, a frisbee or the king of all: corn hole!

Canta and Isaiah playing corn hole

Corn hole is fun for all ages and is the perfect addition to a cookout or pre-game watching entertainment. There are two teams of two who take turns tossing their team’s four bean corn bags at the opposite board, which is a good distance away. The object is to get your bags into the hole (3 points) or at least on the board (1 point). You net the score at the end of each round, so your opponent is trying hard to cancel out any points you might have earned. The winning team is the first to exactly 21 points.

Learning how to play corn hole, Katie and Sonia

My handy dad even built me my own black-and-gold set for Christmas a few years back (which are hopefully getting some good use by my fellow Hawkeyes out in Cali). Isaiah and I decided it would be fun to introduce this game to our Paraguayan friends. While my parents were visiting in August, Isaiah and my dad sketched out some plans and took them to the local carpenter for fulfillment.

Canta and Allison playing corn hole

Meanwhile, my mom and I walked downtown to buy some thick, outdoor fabric to make the bags. We went with bright orange to match the house. Although we’re two smart women, our miscalculations have left us with plenty of leftover fabric for a future project! We bought dried corn and had our friend with a shoe/leather repair shop sew up the eight square bags, add a couple of cups of the corn and stitch them shut with his heavy-duty sewing machine.

Bean bags for corn hole game

A couple of weeks later, we had our very own corn hole set!

Making our own corn hole set

When the carpenters dropped them off at our house we showed them how to play and since they seemed to be enjoying themselves, we suggested they make a few more sets for them to sell for profit. No, they didn’t think that would be worth it. I guess it was a pretty complicated process where they basically made their own particle board. We’re happy they did it for us!

Isaiah painting our corn hole set

Then Isaiah painted them up real fancy-like and yesterday we took them for their first real spin when we invited some friends over for the afternoon. We ate good food.

Sonia, Katie, Alba

Isaiah taught everyone how to play corn hole.

Isaiah teaching how to play corn hole

I showed off a little with my “no look” toss.

Playing corn hole, Allison

With our friend Sonia in the mix, we of course got some good photo shoots going on as well. Time to start Paraguay’s Next Top Model, perhaps?

Model shot during corn hole afternoon

It was a relaxing and fun way to spend our Sunday afternoon. Wanna come over and play corn hole with us? I’ll make the chips and salsa.


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