Cross Country Biking

If you’re following Isaiah’s photo-a-day website that documents our town (he’s up to 16 beautiful photos over there), you already saw that we had two fine young women from Minnesota, Jacque and Kayla, pass through Yuty and crash at our place for a couple of nights. They were friends of a friend of a friend, but by the time the rolled away last Monday morning they were simply friends.

Kayla and Jacque

Yep, rolled away. On their bikes. Their goal is to bike all the way to Tierra del Fuego which is the very tippy tip southern point of Argentina (which you smarties know is the southernmost country in South America). Needless to say, it’s quite a journey!

Kayla and Jacque bike to the tip of Argentina from Paraguay

Their plan is to enjoy themselves over a few months of biking along, meeting cool people and having the adventure of a lifetime. They even have a blog that they update with photos and locations so you can keep track of their progress, if you’re interested!

While they were here they cooked us a delicious curry meal with homemade naan. Ha, I chuckled when I realized I typed “homemade” as an adjective since that probably goes without saying. We’ve done a lot of making our own this past year, as you can’t find much more than the staples in these here parts. (I secretly love that fact. Well, most of the time.)

Jacque cooking a delicious curry meal

Although they’re carrying everything on their bikes’ saddlebags, they had a lovely surprise of a silk screen and ink for printing. They both got into printing in college so decided it would be a fun way to leave their mark (and give a super interesting experience) to those they meet along the way.

Silk screen with bike logo

They designed a cool, swirly bike logo for the silk screen, placed it over our desired object (we did cardstock and t-shirts), poured in some ink, spread it around with a special tool and voilà!

How to screen print onto paper or a t-shirt

I shot a 77-second video to give you a better idea of the process.

Pretty sweet, right? It was a treat to have them in our lives for a couple of days and I wish them all the suerte in the world as they continue their trip to the tip of the continent.


5 thoughts on “Cross Country Biking

  1. Maybe one of them will write the “bicycle diaries?” It would take a brave person to bike across Paraguay, but it also sure sounds like fun ….

    • Ha. What a clever title! I love it. I think you might like to join them and their bicycling adventures. Check out their blog to find out where they are and meet up with them!

    • It didn’t appear that either of them had the mind for becoming Marxist revolutionaries, but perhaps their stories would be equally interesting.

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