We Want S’more

Oh wait. I already used that title back in Ireland when we visited the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. It’s fitting again today since we taught some Paraguayan friends to roast up a delicious treat. S’mores! It was our site-mate (the other Peace Corps volunteer who lives in Yuty), Katie’s idea, and Isaiah and I were on board immediately.

Ingredients for s'mores

We hunted down a bag of marshmallows in Asunción and invited some friends from the soup kitchen steering committee to our house. But hold that appetite! Although we’ve lived in this new place since May, we hadn’t gotten around to cleaning the ceiling of our back patio. It was getting to the point where chunks of fuzz bunnies (which sounds cuter than it was) randomly drifted down from the sky, er ceiling.

Patio ceiling before cleaning

Isaiah decided s’mores are delicious enough without that additional ingredient so, in a burst of gumption, grabbed two brooms and some duct tape to create Mega Broom to get the cleaning job done.

Isaiah with mega broom

My dear husband worked for hours stretching way up with Mega Broom to brush each board of the patio ceiling clean. It’s a big patio. In the end he was covered head to toe with the not-cute dust bunnies, but the wooden ceiling planks looked superb.

Patio ceiling after cleaning

That evening we lit some coals in a small stove, poked a marshmallow with a wooden skewer and demonstrated how to patiently roast it over the open fire until it was melty inside and toasty brown on the outside. They’re familiar with chipa cabure which is roasted in a similar manner.


Then plop it between two thin and crispy plain cookies (I’ve never seen graham crackers here) lined with bits of chocolate and wait, (1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3…this is the hardest part) so the hot marshmallow has time to slightly melt the chocolate.

Making s'mores

Our guests were instantly intrigued and delighted by all things s’more. The whole process was entertaining and fun. They wanted pictures of all the ingredients, of them roasting the marshmallow and them standing by the table of ingredients. It was great fun and I appreciated their excitement!



It was an easy and delicious way to meet Peace Corps’ Second Goal of teaching our Paraguayan friends a little about our own culture. What about you? Do you have s’more fun cooked up for this weekend?


4 thoughts on “We Want S’more

  1. Reminds me … the other day I tried some Nutella on the chocolate graham crackers you left at my house. After reading your post, I’m thinking that adding a chocolate chip or two on each would provide an enticing finishing touch. Your creativity is inspiring. Oh, yes, and I also enjoyed Isaiah’s design for an effective cleaning tool. What would the world do without duct tape?

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