Great Expectations

“Well, that’ll be after we’re done with Peace Corps, so I’ll obviously be more patient by then,” I responded to a question of Isaiah’s a few months into our lives as Peace Corps volunteers in Paraguay. He looked at me with slightly raised eyebrows and an ever-so-slight smirk on his lips.

Isaiah making a face

Oh, those great expectations.

I’d live off the land, conquer my fear of all things creepy-crawly, master a language or two, win the hearts of Paraguayans (through my hard work in site) and the world (through this lovely little blog).

Oh, great expectations.

I’d no longer have such a quick opinion, or worry about the future, or get annoyed at the underprivileged kids at the soup kitchen who only know what they know. I won’t long for more hours in the day because everything will be just right. I’ll exercise and eat right and meditate and pray and smile and journal and…and…and…

Allison on patio

Oh expectations.

How can I put you in your place, expectations? How can I shoot for the moon but at the same time appreciate the feel of my feet on the solid ground?


It feels good to air these grand expectations of mine. Some of them now make me laugh. Not one of them has been fully achieved. Yet I feel great! Maybe there’s something bigger than meeting expectations. Perhaps being open to the beauty of what really is beats out longing for what might have been. For when I’m pouting about unmet expectations I fail to notice the opportunity for greatness right here, right now.

What greatness are you cooking up this weekend?

By the way, I added a link to Isaiah’s snazzy new photo-a-day website,, to our main menu so you don’t miss a thing!

Quick link to Yuty365 website


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