Well blogosphere, you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been hiding and why you haven’t been seeing many posts from me for the past couple of weeks (although I’m sure Allison would claim it’s been longer). The answer is, at least partly, working on a new website. Enter Yuty365. screenshot

Yuty365 will be a yearlong visual experience of our community in Paraguay. Once a day for the next year I’ll be posting a new photo of people we encounter and places in which we live and work. I hope this new site will be revealing of our Peace Corps service in a different way than this blog. I’ll be leaving most of the talking to the photo, adding only a title and perhaps a short description. Well, at least that’s the plan for now, which leads me to another major point of the site…

Pre-Peace Corps life I was a web designer and developer. Nowadays, I’m not doing a lot of that. Yet, from what I hear, the rest of the world isn’t on pause awaiting my return before it continues inventing new novelties for the Web. Not wanting my skills to atrophy, I see this website as a good way to stay current with what’s happening in web design and development and will be using it as a way to experiment with new techniques and designs. I encourage you to keep checking back in as it continues to evolve.


19 thoughts on “Announcing

    • Thanks Jedd! Yeah, the site is still in its infancy and will need a better way to navigate through that many photos (among many other tweaks). I’ll probably try a gallery like you mention as well as tinker around with alternatives.

      Congrats to you and Michelle on “Blogging it Home!”

      • Thanks Isaiah. Look forward to seeing more photos and this project growing and evolving. They really are amazing photos and more importantly, love getting to know your community through them.

  1. This would make a great “coffee table” hard cover book at end of the year! the pictures speak a thousand words. Thanks for sharing this.

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