Why I Blog

While we’re busy showing off the country to my parents, I thought I’d drop in with a little reflection on why we keep up this blog of ours. Our About Us page briefly explains why it exists:

1) To update family and friends while we’re away.

2) To reflect on our experiences.

3) To remind our old and forgetful future selves what we did back in the day.

4) It’s fun!

Allison and Isaiah at church

But I love blogging and it’s for more than the above four reasons. Blogging makes me notice themes in the lull of normal life that I otherwise wouldn’t have a pulse on. “Hmm…I think there’s a blog post in there!” I’ll often say when I begin mulling over this topic or that.

And when I get words to paper (or in my case, to screen) I am forced to cull them in a way that they will (hopefully) be clear to whoever may read it. The practice of editing my overabundance of words is an incredible discipline.

Paraguayan Landscape

We’re sometimes told that our blog couldn’t possibly tell the full story, and those people are correct. Sometimes I’m more in the mood to post a simple recipe than a work project I checked off my list. And I don’t post when I’m fed up with people not following through on their promises or when I didn’t make it home from a jog in time to use the bathroom. (Oops, did I just blog about that?)

And the fact that the blog doesn’t quite tell the whole story is one of my favorite parts. It’s fun to put on rose-colored glasses and view the world for a while. It’s self-fulfilling prophecy to post about lessons that are knocking on my door even before I fully accept them into my life.

Lluvia with hat

#3 of the list is true as this will be a nice journal to look back on someday. But the fact that you (yes YOU) are reading this entry right now is my very most favorite part of blogging. When you drop us a note saying you enjoy the blog, or write a comment at the end of a post it lights up my day and makes me want to keep noticing themes, culling words and putting on those pretty pink glasses. So thank you, dear friend, for reading our story. Even if it’s just a slice of it.


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