My Parents Are Here!

Parents Arrival At Airport

Che ra y che sy have arrived! Those are my parents! And I couldn’t be happier to kick back and catch up with them for a while. Just go ahead and try to wipe this big, goofy grin from my face, yo. It’s stuck like this and I love it.

They got in last Friday morning (after an all-night flight, mind you) and we’ve been soaking up our time together ever since. They even got to meet our friends Jon and Nalena for lunch in Asunción before heading down south to our little town of Yuty.

Parents meeting Jon and Nalena Quattro Ds

The best part, of course, was seeing them after over a year had passed, but the thoughtful notes, gifts and adorable drawings sure warmed our hearts as well. Thanks for those reminders of our amazing community back home!

Allison and Isaiah with drawings from Marie

Allison and Isaiah with gifts from Schneiders

The towel set matches our house paint perfectly, by the way! I’ll be sure to post more photos and stories from our time together, but for now I want to take full advantage of my real, live parents being under the very same roof as me! Que suerte!


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