Paraguayan Corn Dogs

If I had a bucket list for my time as a Peace Corps volunteer, it would undoubtedly include eating a spicy chorizo inside a chipa caburé. Chipa caburé is like the traditional chipa, a cheesy corn bread, but instead of baked, the dough is wrapped around a stick and roasted over an open fire like a marshmallow before a s’more.

How to make chipa cabure

It is warm and crispy-grilled and since the day I first knew these things existed I have wanted to stick a spicy chorizo in there, corn dog style. Other Peace Corps volunteers will understand, but when Isaiah and I mention our plans to Paraguayans they look at us strangely while wondering where we come up with these seemingly random ideas. It’s all about what you’ve seen before, right?

Roasting chipa over open fire

When last Friday we got a call from one of our former students that her neighborhood was making caburé as a fundraiser, we looked at each other in a way that could only mean, “Let’s do this!”

Allison enjoying corn dog, Paraguayan style

Caburé was purchased. Spicy chorizo was bought and baked. And the big moment was finally before us. But…the sausage didn’t fit! Not ones to give up on big dreams easily, we sliced the chorizos in half lengthwise, slipped them into the center of the chipa and bit in. Delightful! As good or better than I expected! A lovely medley of spicy meat with warm, cheesy breading. Well worth the wait and hopefully not my last taste of what should only be named perros de maiz (corn dogs), P-guay style.


7 thoughts on “Paraguayan Corn Dogs

  1. That sounds delicious. My wife and I will be visiting Paraguay for the first time later this month. I will definitely track down Chipa and chia cabure.
    Joe B

    • Hi Joe! Yes, definitely add chipa and chipa caburé to your “must try” list while you’re here. Very exciting that you’ll be visiting. Do you know yet which parts of the country you’ll be in? There are many hidden treasures here in Paraguay. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  2. Okay, so you have been TEACHING about entrepreneurship, now you need to seize on the opportunity yourselves! Test market your new creation and see if the Paraguayan pallet agrees with you.

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