Make A Cheery Painted Table

We’ve been in our new house for about 3 months now and although it definitely feels like home, I took on two simple projects lately that have upped the fun factor in what was a borderline sterile house. I painted a table and dangled some stars. The little things make a difference.

First, the painted table. Remember that beat up old table with all the chewed up gum underneath? Well the gum was adding a little color and interest to the table, so after scraping it off it was just dull and worn looking.

Table Before Paint Job Tutorial

So I stopped by the hardware store last Friday afternoon and picked up a quart of pretty blue paint named Celeste and a paint brush. Then I carried the table outside, dusted it off and applied one thin and even coat of paint just like I learned from the fine folks at Young House Love.

Paint ready for table paint job

The blue barely covered the brown at all and I questioned if I should have started with a primer. Instead, I added a 2nd, and then 3rd and eventually a 4th and final coat (allowing at least a couple of hours of dry time between each layer of paint).

After painted table tutorial

Now it is so shiny and cheery and beautiful. We’re already putting it to use out on our back patio, where I must admit it looks quite charming with the bright orange wall I wasn’t originally a fan of.

Easy painted table tutorial

Next, the hang danglies. One of our church friends, Evie, sent us this strand of pretty red and silver paper stars from Ten Thousand Villages  in a care package last Christmas. We hadn’t yet hung them up in our new house and one day it hit me they would look lovely as a sort of chandelier over our kitchen table. So I carefully snipped the strand into 5 even strips of 4 stars.

How to hang stars over dining table

I debated about hanging them in a circle like a traditional chandelier but in the end opted for the clean and geometric straight line. For now they are just taped to the ceiling and it seems to be holding fine since the stars are lightweight. But eventually I could class things up by tying each strand around a small nail or thumbtack that I’d drive into the wooden ceiling.

Hanging stars over dining table

They feel festive and happy and, at least for now while they’re new, my eyes instantly fall on them each time I enter the room. So those are two happy weekend tweaks from the Goertz household. What things are bringing a dose of cheer to your house and life these days?

Close up of hanging stars over dining table

And because I’m in that kind of mood, here are some bonus snapshots of other bright and cheery things found around our house and yard.

white yard flowers | door mat | bamboo shoots
neighbor turkey | tetrapaks to recycle | tree bush
yellow berries | painted green gate | purple yard flower


6 thoughts on “Make A Cheery Painted Table

  1. Love the blue table against the orange background too! As for me … after her visit, grand-daughter Toby left behind some pretty pictures of fairies, pipe cleaner fish, and play-dough snails to decorate my countertops. Makes me smile.

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