Wedding Tribute To Parents

Today is a special day: the 38th wedding anniversary of my parents! As a kid I thought it was normal to have two parents who loved me and loved each other. As an adult (is 29 years old an adult?) I know that’s not always the case and I feel so lucky to have grown up in the presence of my parents’ loving relationship. It no doubt played an important role in my choosing Isaiah as a husband and starting my own journey down the path of a healthy marriage.

Tribute to parents at wedding ceremony

As part of our wedding ceremony 3 years ago, Isaiah and I secretly planned a “thank you” to our parents for the good examples they have been in showing us how a marriage looks. It still sums up my thoughts and gratitude, so I’ve included part of  it here as a reminder to them on their special day. I love you, mom and dad!

Mom and dad, I’ve noticed the ways you show love to one another. I’ve watched you truly enjoy spending time together whether over yard work or over dinner. I see you as a unified partnership who view each other as equals, value each other’s input, and stand by each other without hesitation. I’ve also seen the freedom you give each other to be who you are and the independence to sometimes do your own thing. I want to carry this same sense of respect and loyalty in my marriage with Isaiah.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Tribute To Parents

  1. Thanks, Allison, for the tribute . . it’s a little humbling. But you know — good things come out of marrying your best friend!

  2. Congratulations, Mike & Kris. Can’t believe it is #38!….or is that the birthday?? So many memories of spending time together on the farm when we lived in Wellman. Our kids loved spending time with their cousins. Love, Aunt Lucile H

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