It’s winter here in Paraguay and while the temps remind us more of fall back home, we’re bundling up more than ever. That’s because when it’s in the 40s or 50s outside, it’s the same temperature inside. As a former energy conservation manager, it’s hard not to notice the cracks around windows and doors and the lack of insulation in the houses here. There’s no escape, so it soaks into the bones.

Isaiah bundled up

But since these cold days usually don’t stick around for long, it’s kinda fun. Almost like you’re camping, but indoors. As I type this I’m wearing leopard print leggings under my pants (yep, the same ones you borrowed in Howell House, Drew), layers of shirts, a fleece, and my puffy down winter coat. And I’m covering up with our sleeping bags, the same ones we use like a quilt on our bed at night.

We’ve been sipping on mate throughout the day and enjoyed some hot chocolate after lunch. For supper we kept warm by eating hot lentil soup with fresh-baked bread and some yummy chocolate cake for dessert in remembrance and celebration of Isaiah’s dad’s birthday today.

So while you’re turning on the AC and reaching for ice-cold lemonade, picture us settling in for the long winter. Or at least for the small handful of days per year that get this chilly.  It’ll be toasty warm again in no time so for now we’ll enjoy the cold.


7 thoughts on “Winter

  1. LOVE your great attitude!! Sounds very brrr to me! Thanks for all your writing and pics. I enjoy every post you make:) wishing you God’s Blessing in your work and His Love warming your Hearts!!

    • Thank you, Merridy! All the love, thoughts, and little comments from our loving community back home sure make us feel warm and cozy – even when our toes and fingers are icy cold. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  2. Would you believe right now it’s 55 degrees in lndiana … late July? As I sit here shivering in the early morning air, I have some empathy for your Paraguayan winter!

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