Isaiah Avoids Toxic Waste

The good news: Isaiah successfully avoided stepping in the toxic waste of one of the team-building games he facilitated at the Jóvenes por Paraguay re-connect youth leadership event we took part in this past week.

Playing Toxic Waste Game at JoPa Leadership camp July 2013

Course for Toxic Waste Game at JoPa Leadership camp July 2013

The bad news: In doing so he battled with a wall fan which resulted in a trip to the local hospital to check out his head gash.

Isaiah Battles Fan at JoPa July 2013

Isaiah's head gash after battle with fan at JoPa 2013

More good news: It wasn’t deep enough to warrant stitches and he was back to camp in no time. We all agreed that his head gash sure beat the alternative of certain death from the pool of toxic waste so he had his priorities in order.


15 thoughts on “Isaiah Avoids Toxic Waste

  1. Sure hope Isaiah’s head wound doesn’t negatively affect the spin, speed and depth of his precision ping pong playing! There is a trophy awaiting him in a year or two!

  2. I’m glad the good news immediately followed the “bad” news . . . so I didn’t even have time to worry! Tell Isaiah to go easy on that head for awhile!

  3. Oh my! Glad there were no stitches necessary…and of course that Isaiah successfully avoided the toxic waste!

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