4th of July

Although we celebrated on July 6th, we had an excellent time on the gorgeous lawn of the US Embassy in Asunción. We gathered together for Independence Day and the whole event was a glorious mix of US and Paraguayan culture.

Announcements were made in both English and Spanish over the loud speakers and we ate grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and homemade desserts.

Isaiah, Allison, Tim, Sarah at 4th of July part at US Embassy in Paraguay

There were games for all ages like tug-of-war or egg toss. And although it’s winter here in Paraguay, it was a hot and sunny day in the 80s so it even felt like a 4th of July!

Tug of war at US Embassy 4th of July party in Asuncion Paraguay

And possibly the best part of all was the face painting station. Perhaps it was originally intended just for kids, but in the spirit of celebration even the big kids were allowed.

Allison with painted face at 4th of July party in US Embassy in Paraguay

Heck, Isaiah even got to do a little of the painting.

Isaiah face painting at 4th of July party at US Embassy of Paraguay

What a nice afternoon we had slipping back to the US (almost) for a little Independence Day fun.


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