How To Build Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies are pesky. They buzzed around my ripe bananas. So I ate them. The bananas, that is. But the fruit flies remained, multiplying by the hour. So I built a trap and to my surprise and relief, it caught dozens upon dozens of the cute but annoying little things until there were no more. Now when on occasion they swarm back into my life, I build this easy trap and enjoy my bananas in peace. Want to try it too?

How to make fruit fly trap


1. Put 1 squirt dish soap and 1 squeeze apple cider vinegar into an empty jar or old yogurt container.

2. Fill the jar halfway with water.

3. Place near greatest concentration of fruit flies.

Fruit flies caught in homemade trap

Wait in amazement as flies meet their end in your simple concoction. The dish soap kills the flies while the apple cider vinegar scent attracts them in. Check, clean and refill the trap every few days to keep it fresh and effective.


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